Dog Kennels for your special pooch!



Kennel sizes range from 8'x10' to 10'x20', complete with an enclosed “apartment”, with a window and a single door. A doggie opening leads to the “patio”. Airy yet securely fenced, it includes a door with feed bowls attached.

These kennels are especially popular with dog handlers, police forces, prisons, and search and rescue departments. Our dog kennels are available pre-assembled or in kit form.

Standard Kennel Features:

  • Single door in the shed area
  • Window in the shed area
  • Dog opening to the porch area
  • Poly Decking exterior floor; ShurFlor interior floor
  • Fencing and door with attached feed bowls
  • Portable - Take it with you when you move!

Optional Kennel Features:

  • Insulation
  • Paneling
  • A secure, carpeted box
  • Vinyl floor access area
  • Exercise wheel
  • Solar light